Kapu - ATC for BlackWolfTala by Sammacha

Kapu - ATC for BlackWolfTala


26 May 2014 at 20:32:03 MDT

This is an ATC for BlackwolfTala BlackwolfTala

This is her character Kapu, he is the alpha male and great kind hearted one at that.

I traded for this lovely drawing of my character

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Visual / Traditional


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    Wolfy!!! <3 Nice positioning of the legs & feet. :3 I think the only suggestion I'd give is for the paws to have an extra toe, and for the front paws to have that thumb at the inner side (forgot what it's called XDD). Overall, this is neat! I've seen you mention ATC before, what is that? ;o

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      Ha ha omg yeah his toes/thumb thingy's xD
      I thought about that while drawing and then I think maybe I forgot xDDDD or maybe I felt like the drawing was too small for me to add them, lol. (excuses!)
      ATC = Artist trading cards, and they are just that, artwork drawn on a trading card sized paper board. Art Cards are the size of average trading cards, aprox 2.5" x 3.5" and will fit into card sleeve and binder sleeves. Basically tiny artworks meant for trading with other artists and are usually hand made. People also do ACEO, Art cards editions and originals which are meant to be sold, they are often prints but they are sometimes hand made as well. that being said this scanned image is larger then the actual artwork itself!

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        EH?! THAT'S SO TINY! Detail would definitely be hard, holy cow. Much respect on this for doing it so small, and traditionally at that! I would give it a try myself, but I'd have to get my hands on some cards first. ;D

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          Ha ha yeah you can definitely see more errors now then you could looking at the card xD
          It's fun and interesting to trade them! you should try it! I actually can't buy the card stock anymore I've cut my own out of 100lb bristol board. Depending on the material you could probably get away with 80lb. You just don't want them bend since they are meant as trading cards.

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    I still can't get over how amazing this looks! <3