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Linked - Digital Artwork - Anime


23 January 2014 at 11:04:03 MST

This is an Art Trade for
Feel free to DL the larger file XD
I traded it for this awesome pic [link] THANK YOU!
It's ff-boy's OC Dyraun and my OC sammacha sammacha
This one took me a long time (sorry)
I did a sketch on paper and I really liked it, so I tried to finish it but I used so many sheets and it ended up being the size of a poster!
Anyways I stuck them together on my computer and re-did it 12 times! this final image is lucky #13!
For some reason I just couldn't get it how I wanted, and i figured it out, i wanted it to look like the shading i do on real paper.
Why? well because I know how much she likes duo-tone ( she puts out duotonic, and its very cool) and I can only usually only achieve that on paper but I tried over and over to get it on the computer and finally! I think I got it!
I finally got one that I am happy with, and I just couldn't let myself trade one that I wasn't happy with, that would be so unfair and it would annoy me forever!!!
better to wait....
So yes, i am happy with this one. I tried to make it a dark sort of image and use most of the accessories that dyruan usually has such as
bandages, barbed wire, piercings, safety pins, and silver chains everywhere xD
I also put in some blood because it really does go well!

her character was so hard fot me to draw, because I have never been able to draw those kinds of eyes, i got a lot of practice here XD
I had a lot of fun and frustration with this pic lol,
thanks so much for letting me do an art trade with you ff-boy ff-boy I really enjoyed it and I hope you like it

**indeed she said she loved it :D **

BTW: A little hard to see in the small version but there is blood dripping from the knife


-Samantha Lim

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