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Royalty Life and Destruction by Samishii Kami

Royalty Life and Destruction

Samishii Kami

31 May 2016 at 21:19:59 MDT

Redone designs for the DnD Armeyan God symbols
This was really for the tattoo project I had in digital imaging as well, but I used it as an excuse to redo these guys

Left: Asch Ment: Royalty, Empires, Kings
Center: Nanied: Life, Fertility, Water, Sorrow
Right: Ta Rak Ra: Conquering, Destruction, War, Nature

These were all done with pencil then pen. the "matte" was added in photoshop to put them together. Though I did actually matte them irl to submit them for a campus art show. So we'll see if it is accepted or not monday

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