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Stickers: Lunescale by Samantha-dragon (critique requested)

Stickers: Lunescale (critique requested)


bonus part of commission for Lunescale (from FA)
i always wanted to try to make my own stickers - so because i had drawn icon for Lunescale which would fit to it nicely i had to make him some :3 and because i couldnt choose if its better to leave it some white stroke around (top photo) or cut it nice tight around (left bottom)... i made him both :D and even smaller and bigger version (right bottom)

If you are interested in icons, art, stickers or buttons made of it please send me note or e-mail and we can agree prices for you :)

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3 tablet to paint the cut hair from original icon , printing plotter, gloss laminating foil and cutting plotter

please, respect its commission of Lunescale original character - do not use it for your avatar etc.