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Gift: Magnolia III by Samantha-dragon

Gift: Magnolia III


1 May 2014 at 02:32:13 MDT

picture for my <3 for 1st May of this year because in our country is 1st May similar to better known Valentine usualy celebrated with kissing under cherry-tree (or i guess any nice blooming tree :D ) and because we cant be together enought :(
maybe you can remember a bit similar pictures from last year and year before:
it seems i made new series of magnolia pictures :D we will see if i can hold it for next years too :)
this year with lineart (i didnt have much time :[ with lineart im way quicker. this was finished in one afternoon o.o), and i really like how Dreit came out (much more that Sam this time), yay! - so i hope you will like it - and mainly Dreit will! :]

used: photoshop and wacom tablet