Team Acorn Patreon! by sallyhot

Team Acorn Patreon!


17 August 2015 at 01:09:48 MDT

So as some may know already, me and Blazeymix have been hard at work on some erotic comics of late. We love creating comics, but they can sure be a lotta work and an artist still gotta eat, so to help ensure we're able to keep doing what we love doing, we've put together our very own Patreon. :)

This here is the first of many pinup style creations we hope to create monthly as a thanx for your support! Of course those who pledge will also get full access to any comics we create as they are being created, as well as be able to add your voice to what we create next for ya'll! :)

Now don't worry, I have no plans to stop doing commissions anytime soon and all pinups or image series we create will still be posted here as well at a later time. So we're not goin anywhere, don't worry. ^^

So if ya dig what we're doing, feel free to stop on by and give our Patreon a look. :) Any and all pledges are greatly appreciated. Thanx!

Also, we're still very new to the Patreon thing, so we'll be refining things as we go. We're also game to hear any suggestions on what you'd like to see from us, so don't be afraid to give us some input. :)

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