8/6/2020 by SaiFluorite (critique requested)

8/6/2020 (critique requested)


28 August 2020 at 03:31:26 MDT

This was an attempt to make my character more anime/attractive; I was mostly experimenting with design choices, shading, and styles. I wasn't entirely happy with the execution (and also his scars are on the wrong side), and this shading style definitely does not stick around for more than a few drawings. I'm not one for simple or light shading, and that will show the more I post. I'm going to try and keep my upload schedule for Weasyl Mondays and Fridays, so two uploads per week. I will mostly be uploading finished images here, but if you want to see my entire process (or more of it), please check out my Instagram www.instagram.com/saifluorite/. This was the second finished piece I uploaded, and it was made on Ibis Paint on 8/6/2020.

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      Thank you? I wouldn't say it has a lot of useful information at all, nor is it a blog by any means (I believe you may be mistaken, or looking at the wrong post), There is also no article, just one of my few uploads of my art. If you do wish to stick around, I would very much appreciate the support, though I am not at all a blogger; nor do I really post my take on any matter at hand, and I have no plan of doing so in the future.