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WIP part two - TEAM MIRAGE by Sahtori-Kamaya (critique requested)

WIP part two - TEAM MIRAGE (critique requested)


13 September 2014 at 20:06:29 MDT

I kind of want some more opinions, it was really hard for me to place Laguna (I know her board's perspective is f'd up) you wont yet see the entire image.
My site really needs to be finished for future productions such as the comic. Only PATREONS -> will see the entire W.I.P of Laguna - this image will also be the first downloadable wallpaper for those who are fans, ... (not that i think I have many ... )
Laguna has gotten her slender legs back, instead of the heavy paws she got, little bust and of course her glitter, the things you guys got to know her with.
But also her new design (goggles and earphones) will stay, I noticed I got a lot of negative respond to tomboy/to much muscle Laguna. So I removed some muscles but she still will be a tomboy to me. I can't get her to act girly. It's one of the first characters that doesn't have interests in dates (unless it's Donatello but that's outside my own Universe)
So, join Patreon for more and frequent updates, including SOON the commissions I owe, it's right now a hectic business here, so please bare with me, every time the laptop is getting warm, I have to shut the laptop down. So I'm doing the best I can, the AiN's are on there way. I'm sorry guys, so much problems, need to move, need to see doctors and I have barely money to survive. I can't find a place that's affordable and lets me keep the ferrets. But I'm continue my search.

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