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My only purpose in life ... by Sahtori-Kamaya

My only purpose in life ...


2 March 2014 at 02:11:05 MST

Second Commission for Rushforza - I didn't understood it - he wanted Myuuta and Blaze (Silly me in my rush that would be the name of the Eevee) so yeah this came out - but he didn't made me delete the picture - in fact he made me continue it and the next one will be with BLAZE the CAT of Sonic the Hedgehog with Myuuta... (How I'm gonna pull that one off I have no clue yet) 

Earth wasn't drawn by me. It's from a stock site. 

I know it has been a while since you saw 'Myuuta' she still is the cupcake loving rejected Pokémon you all know... And love...

Making of:

So read a small story I added as a gift for RushForza

“Rest, my little one...” spoke the pink gigantic 'Mew – like … -'

Eevee looked up and for the first time he could speak: “Where, … Where am I?” he spoke with a trembling voice. He looked at his paws – he was 'young' again...

'Her' eyes showed loving care while she softly stroke his back - “Heaven, love...” she said with a soft voice that would make you at ease – she didn't use her lips... She's a “Pokémon” thought Eevee.

“Heaven?” he stumbled out of confusedness.

She nodded while picking him up in her arms. His small fragile body still felt weak and was shaking from what he had been through so he could enter Heaven.

“Does, does this mean... I'm de-” The Pokémon interrupted his sentence. -“Dead? Yes – but you are alive as well.”

Eevee looked confused. “What do you mean, I'm alive – If I'm dead...” - “hush, my little one...” she replied, she gave him the feeling he should not panic. He's “safe”.

“Heaven is where all Pokémon come too, this place is created for every Pokémon, so no trainer, caretaker, owner will ever get worried where you are...”

Eevee whimpered softly: “I don't understand, what happened with me? … Wait who are you?”

The softly pastel pink Pokémon looked up: “You died of old age – I died – because I wasn't meant to exist... not in the world you came from... But this one... I was 'created' – but died during the process – my name … is 'Myuuta'...”

Eevee looked around: “It sure is nice, but I miss Mr, Ronald... He took such good care for me... For such a long time... Even after his wife died... I … was all he got... Who's going to take care of him? Now I'm gone?!”

Myuuta smiled softly: “I know, I can see it in your mind... You had a good owner – but one day he'll be at the gates of Heaven and you shall see him again, my dear...”

Eevee smiled but he couldn't handle the tears that started to come from his eyes: “I trust your words... I trust your words... I - … I - “ he buried his face in her arms.

“Don't worry, I'm Myuuta – and this is my purpose of my existence to guide and take care of souls who have passed on... I love each and everyone of you in this realm... Let's be friends... Eevee...'

Eevee sobbed and the Angel of Heaven smiled softly – knowing his pain to leave “someone” important behind...  

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    I'm not sure which I like better... the art or the little story that comes along with this. Beautiful.

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      I like them both to be honest, I kept having that scenario in my head over and over when I was drawing this for my friend. I'm so happy he liked it :3