I wish you were here~ by Safyras

I wish you were here~


28 April 2014 at 12:18:01 MDT

The rain cascaded down, the sky black as thunder rumbled overheard... While all others had taken shelter from the torrential downpour, a lone figure though remained, cradling a body within his arms. A weak sound pulled from trembling lips as soft blue eyes weakly cracked open and looked down to the one who had been his everything; who had held him together through even Hell itself. No breath came forth, her eyes would not open... she looked as if sleep had only claimed her; oh how his mind wanted to believe...

'Shepard... please... please say something... anything... Please give me sign that... y-you're ok... please... please... please wake up...I need you...'

He whispered, his voice cracked and frayed... In the end, Garrus clung to her tight, tears intermixing with the rain along his face while he stared forward at nothing in particular... There was no Shepard without Vakarian... but there was no Vakarian without Shepard... He was now alone... and he was now lost...


Was listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdc3RdXoFwA and wanted to doodle, in the end this is what was born... Yippee for angst!

I really wished the ending had been with a happy ending... Especially with Shepard and Garrus... T.T

Artwork © Safyras
Turian/Garrus/Shepard © Bioware
Background was googled and modified

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