Leg Work by Saezerim

Leg Work


13 February 2014 at 15:44:17 MST

Sorry, these aren't the greatest pictures, they were taken with a phone very impromptu yesterday. This is very very much unfinished still (I guess I won't really be done until my whole body is pretty much covered haha). Everything on me is a collaboration with two other awesome dudes. We all work on each other equally; I'll have to get some pix of work I've done on them. Everything except for the lone eye on my right leg has been done poke style, no electricity. Hrmm, I dunno what else to say about this, but if you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them. Or just chat about tattoo in general.

I do love modern tattoo, the clean lines and beautiful and complex images machines can achieve, and I know a few people I'm going to commission for tattoos someday. But... basically, I want to look like this when I'm old: http://larskrutak.com/media/article-images/BatokFestival/02b.jpg

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    I only just caught this! They're looking amazing amigo! Do plan on keeping to this particular style for your full body?

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      Thanks mang! I'm not 100% sure how I want to do the rest of my body, but I do know I'll probably never stop tattooing haha. I do really like colorless geometric/symbolic designs, but I also kind of want some color too. I have thought a lot about an overall theme reflecting nature, like deep ocean stuff at my feet going up to land and then sky around my neck/head. Also my left side dealing with death and more abstract concepts and my right side as life and representational stuff. I dunno, I also kinda just like doing things as they suddenly pop into my head haha. Whoo, long answer :P