Oliver! by SaaraBlitz



13 April 2016 at 15:42:59 MDT

Meet Oliver, my new orca character! He's VERY generic right now, so his design is still a work in progress! I plan on getting very creative and intricate with his markings to make him look more unique!

I've always wanted an orca character, as they are my all time favorite animals!!! <3 Oliver is going to be part of Rex's universe, and he'll be a member of a "surfing team" along with Otto, Rex and a couple of my other characters!

Again, his design and story and personality are VERY rough right now since he's so new! So he's extremely generic and I apologize if he resembles other orca characters too much, it's not intentional! C:

Thanks to my bf for giving me a good name for him haha. XD

Art and character © saarablitz