Axle by SaaraBlitz



6 October 2015 at 13:05:53 MDT

NO CREEPY/PERVERTED/DISGUSTING COMMENTS PLZ. (Unless you want a very angry/dangerous shiba inu on your hands... >_>)

ANYWAY! Just another cute drawing I did of my awesome mate. <3

I will BAN/BLOCK you from this page if you start acting pervy and/or very flirtatious, since I don't want to risk getting angry with someone who's being disrespectful and pervy to my mate, causing me to end up being vicious with someone... And yes I understand I could just 'not post it' but I don't like to let disrespectful people make me afraid to share my hard work. And I know most people would probably be respectful... It's just this fandom is notorious for NOT being respectful of people who are taken... Thanks for understanding. <3

Axle © Panzerdvsn (My loooove <3)

Art © saarablitz