S-Senpai... by SaaraBlitz



22 August 2015 at 23:12:02 MDT

How I thought of me and my wuv panzerdvsn would look in a stereotypical cute/romantic shojo anime. XD

He'd be the handsome upper classman, and I'd be the nerdy shy girl with a crush on him. (even though I'm actually a little older. We're pretending though. XD)
Needless to say, I honestly like to make up AUs out the ass for our fursonas. XD This is one of them. Heh.

Anyway yeah, sorry the uniforms and background are really generic and not super fancy... :P

My hand is officially dead from drawing this too. DX

Axle © Panzerdvsn <3

Art © SaaraBlitz


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    This is so Amazingly cute.

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    I've been watching an awful lot of anime series lately and I'm amazed at how accurately you've captured the essence and spirit of the style in this piece! :3

    The relationship of Blitz & Axle... they're quite possibly my most favorite furry couple... ever. <3 Y'all are always just sooooo cute together! ;) Even in such a unique AU, they turned out looking really good. :D

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      Thank you so much!!! :,D And yeah I tried to include as many details I've seen from anime as possible! XD Immdefinitely gonna be drawing more of this! ^__^