Aviators by SaaraBlitz



25 July 2015 at 16:30:25 MDT

Re-vamp doodle of my handsome mate Panzerdvsn. <3 Possibly a new idea for icon commissions someday?
Tried something a little different with Axle's hair in this, since his hair was spiked back in his real photo. ^^ I love it. <3

Axle © Panzerdvsn (Miiine... >.>)

Art © SaaraBlitz


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    Fascinatingly cool! :D
    Really love how his hair turned out... its got a fine, natural flair to it that doesn't look too forced or artificial... just a smooth flow. Smoooooooth... emphasized by those gnarly aviators of his. :3
    Nice work, Blitzy! Let me know if you need anyone's face punched in half for over-excessive flirting, so I can give my shep-coon a task or two. >;)

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      Thank you so much gratitude! ^^
      And I fortunately haven't had anyone make moves at him on this yet lol. Hopefully it stays like that! X,D

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        cracks knuckles
        We'll see... >8)

        Also you're quite welcome! XD