Commission: Amodeus by SaaraBlitz

Commission: Amodeus


13 June 2015 at 16:47:30 MDT

Ref sheet commission for Amodeus on FA! ^^ This guy was fun to draw, I just LOVE the design!

Character © Amodeus

Art © SaaraBlitz


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    OMG!!! 8D This is one of the more hardcore 'sonas I've seen in a good long while. :3
    You really did a fine job in designing this ref.sheet!
    Wow, Blitzy. I seriously LOVE when you go all out with reference-sheet pieces. You take 'em to the court every time, so to speak. ;) Awesome job!

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      Thank you so so much! I'm so glad people seem to enjoy my ref sheets. X3
      I always thought they were kinda iffy looking, and a pain to make, but the fact that people seem to like them keeps me going and continuing to make them! :D
      Thank you!!!

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        No doubt, I understand how tedious and crucially time-consuming they can be to make... but unlike many others out there, you implement quality and informative aspects into your ref.sheets. Various expressions, body tones, written details... all these things add up to form a complimentary whole for whoever is featured in any given sheet. Plus, it gives you a unique incentive to have a practice with different species types and builds! So in a strange way, its like a win-win for both you and your commissioners. :3

        So I say: Kudos, my fellow artist. Uber-kudos! ;)

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          I'll agree on that, I'm always drawing something new when I do a ref sheet, and I always push myself to work on them quickly, yet efficiently so that they still get quality. So it really is good practice! ^^
          Thank you again! :D