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Elemental Assault by Ryoken (critique requested)

Elemental Assault (critique requested)


A commission for Malachi of himself, Kuwa and Astrius, charging forward without abandon into whatever threat awaits them!

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    I see you asked for criticism on this one :D It's an amazing piece, though. The main thing I'd say work on is composition and placement. If you'd like me to, I could elaborate on that more.

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      Please do. =]

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        I probably won't explain this very well, so please bear with me lol

        The composition in idea is great. You made it seem like all three were coming from one point, while all coming from their different walks of life- that part is apparent, but could use some work. For starters, seperating them a bit would've been alot helpful. For this idea I would say don't be afraid to move them further from the center more, while still keeping a strong curve on the left and right edges of the image.

        Another thing that kinda messes with the composition is the wing placement of the one in the middle. They obstruct alot of the background which make it a bit hard to understand the composition without a few glances over.

        Overall however, the composition is still well done, I'm just being nitpicky for the sake of criticism and growth :D

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          Thanks for taking the time. ^^