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Fishy Business by Ryken

Fishy Business


20 January 2014 at 23:41:27 MST

Continuation of

What's this? Fish just jumping out of the water as a free meal? And they're even pre-cooked? What sorcery is this!

Oh, wait, it's Blue zapping all the fish as he skims across the lake. The two dragons were out enjoying the wonderful spring day and cool water when they discovered an easy breakfast. Too bad Blue hates fish! xD

Gal did such an incredible job with this, it's like I could reach out to touch my wings and actually feel them! The reflections and hair look amazing. And those fish... I can't stop laughing over how stupidly hilarious looking they are!

Art by Galidor-Dragon on DA. Original:

Ryken is and belongs to me.

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