MMD Newcomer TDA K-03 Kika by Runzi333

MMD Newcomer TDA K-03 Kika


4 September 2015 at 00:36:01 MDT

Hello all long time no see! This is my current project in it's (almost) completed form!
Yes the TDA edit I've been swearing at for months is nearing its completion. She is missing a belt strap and I need to flip her headset but after that she's done. I really have spent months trying to get my computer and programs to work for such a simple edit and I'm glad I'm so close to having a wonderful model to work with! I did a bad job of showing her off in this picture (her hair is actually shorter?? and her details are a bit lost X.x) but this was the more finished version than the last pic I have up of her.
As I try tuning in UTAU for the first time I also try more complicated edits in MMD! 

I may edit this and put up a better quality picture later! (Sorry guys MMD quit for the 1000 time today and I'm so done with it.... ;_

Ok So the model is of my UTAUloid K-03 Kika (design, character, and voice belonging to me).
The model was edited by me from the default Miku TDA from here:(need new link sorry! google TDA White Miku)
I will not be putting this model up for download. It would be difficult to comply with the makers wishes (which I HATE to go against) and I simply don't want others to use her. Sorry!

The stage is the host club stage by Sensou-P (If I can track down the link for it I will but I've had this stage for a long time x.x)
The effects are:
Diffusion 7
(reposted from my DA sorry if it posts oddly!)

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture