Limizuki Full Reference by RunicNature

Limizuki Full Reference


29 March 2014 at 15:46:41 MDT

Holy crap I finally finished it. I opened it up a few moments ago and noticed all I had left was to add text! So here it is! A HUGE personal project I've been doing for...god knows how long now. But I've finally gotten it done!

I'll be adding a lot of details to Limi's life here in the description soon, I just don't have much time right now to type it all out lol. But you can see a major part of her beginning life from when I was doing my comic here: All you need to pay attention to is the Prologue. The rest is now inconsequential.

This is a ref I plan on keeping for a long time to come, so that's why I spent so much time on it. I will be making a separate, MUCH SMALLER ref for shadowfang, since her design's changed a tiny bit.

If anyone is interested in a ref of this size, it will cost upwards of $150+

But more info to come later on Limi!

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