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2021 Art Summary by Rumby

2021 Art Summary


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I am pretty proud to reach my 2021 art resolution, managing to draw personal art every month.
Posting them in timely fashion nope XD
I think my supporters who get early access previews get to see them in timely manner, but still posting to multiple social media is still time consuming for me (even though postybirb helps a ton).

I have been sort of aiming to like draw seasonal stuff month in advance to make sure I don't miss the holiday season or draw last minute stuff (however not really possible with art challenges so I might have to reconsider them in future year because it is affecting planning for me, like art fight )

I still have some works I haven't posted yet, but some of them have speedpaints which aren't edited yet so been procrastinating on posting any of those since I don't wanna spend time video editing orz

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