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Aquatica Mermay Freya 🐠 Speedpaint by Rumby

Aquatica Mermay Freya 🐠 Speedpaint


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Youtube Speedpaint ♥
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Drawn May 5-10, 2020

I sketched this on my ipad.
Lining & Coloring took around 2 hours~

I recently did a poll on my social medias asking which mermaid character of mine people would like to see more, as I want to draw for mermay but it's likely I won't have time to draw them all and now that may is coming to an end, this is likely my last mermay piece for this mermay challenge~

There was a tie with Freya and Andrista but NUF broke the tie voting on Freya~ So here she is.

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