Stealing Hearts: Roxy ⚡️ Speedpaint by Rumby

Stealing Hearts: Roxy ⚡️ Speedpaint


15 June 2019 at 21:38:10 MDT

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Drew my character Roxy

Drawn January 23, 2019

Ok so originally I was thinking of just doing a small doodle, but then I somehow convinced myself to make the art big enough so I could possibly use it as a book cover, and then add a background because I told myself I'd try doing more backgrounds this year 

Overall lots of issues since I forgot to flip the canvas to check if it looked ok well whatever; at least zoomed out as a thumbnail it looks decent lol But in the end, I hope she looks like a super badass villianess sfj;sfsj

Also probably won't have time or energy to upload this upcoming week so decided to post this since it fit the eletricity holiday

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