Aquatica Azatakis 🐠 Pixel Speedpaint🐟 by Rumby

Aquatica Azatakis 🐠 Pixel Speedpaint🐟


17 May 2019 at 16:16:27 MDT

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Youtube Speedpaint ♥
Toyhouse ♥

Drawn May 8, 2019 

So I wanted to try pixeling in CSP since found some pixel brushes~~
But ended up animating this on Photoshop since couldn't figure out how to animate on there.

And interestingly watchers voted for Takis in my poll 
I am sort of thinking most people didn't click the link and voted based on the thumbnail provided... because Azallea is with him so maybe y'all voted for her cuz she pretty~ She's not one of my kiddos but @anissecandy 's mermaid, who I do ship with Takis my orca merman.

Then again I think old followers recognize them because I drew them quite a bit in the past during mermay times so if that's the case I'm glad you like them~~! And they're back for this mermay season~

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