Tastes like Pomegranate by RubySnoot

Tastes like Pomegranate


22 January 2014 at 17:24:26 MST

Ahhhh~ Now you guys may not have seen a ref of her yet, but I couldn't /not/ post her here anyway heheh; I-I'm kinda proud of how it came out, and you can ask anyone back on FA since I told them just about one too many times by my standards haha!

Hopefully yall will get to see more of her later with a proper reference, but in the mean time, hope you enjoy her as she is~! a big, squishy, gummy, pomegranate tasting experiment heh~

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    Ohman, how'd I miss her back there? She's got a real neat design.

    I do hope we see more of her in the future.

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      Aaaaaah~! No worries man, you were probably watching a good many more people back there haha! Regardless, I do hope I can supply y'all with more of her sometime soon!

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    still can't get over this, i love gummi to bits

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      Heeeeeee~! I really hope we can find a little something for her hehe, but I might have something in mind maybe~

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        perks oooh? well you'll have to share with me my darling!

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          Haha, trust me, I will later~!