Rozzy's Spa and Massage Service - DXL128 by Rozzy

Rozzy's Spa and Massage Service - DXL128


29 April 2017 at 02:38:19 MDT

Sheltem hadn't had a day off from work in far too long, and after yet another long day of work his dragon friend decided it would be nice to treat him to a relaxing foot massage. Sheltem pulled up his chair and rested his paws on the table as the large reptilian worked his magic. Overcome with bliss, Shel felt himself start to doze off in relaxation, but he was jolted awake by the dragon gripping hard at his fragile white ankles and ripping him out of his chair, his soles smacking hard against the dragon's flabby chest. He was overcome by fear as the scales wrapped around his feet and vacuumed him inwards, quickly pulling him passed his knees. Shel's only viable reaction was to lie as stiff as a deer in headlights as he stared in despair. A dark, red aura seemed to emanate from the dragon as more horns sprouted from his head and back, his fat turned to rippling muscle, and his eyes turned a glowing amber as they gazed down at the whimpering Mimiga. Sooner than he could comprehend, Shel's face was pulled tight against his friend's chest and was soon engulfed by the scales as his entirety was scrunched inside the expanding pecs. He felt his soft fur melt into a white goo; he sat still, knowing there was nothing he could do but wait...

A nice little footpaw-related, pec vore comic from my good friend, featuring my other good friend

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    Wow, I love the way you do vore, and your story is very fascinating. Poor bunny, now part of you hehe.