Jan-June 2020 Conflicts by Royknight1

Jan-June 2020 Conflicts


15 August 2020 at 17:38:35 MDT

Fnafj742/Waxx created this on my computer. I can tell when he played Command & Conquer Remastered and played a C&C Generals mod named Command and Conquer Contra, this idea came out of him.

It's intriguing but it has flaws such as Blancbleue Pjanuri who are supposed to be cut off from the rest of Mystoria, and the Vexten Organization's reaction of the Vexten Commonwealth's breaking of the laws of war, they just distanced and then suddenly they became very fazed upon the Commonwealth, despite the fact that they should've reacted more about it earlier before the Commonwealth invaded the 4 multiverses.

(Edit 08/16/2020: a very small and minor change. The Subsume attacking the Peacekeeper Helicopter was changed from Mist Isle to Connivers Caverns)

Vextenian race belongs to Fnafj742
Mystoria and its people belongs to Shadowlord90
Pk-37 and RSA belongs to Unownce
Freedom Planet belongs to GalaxyTrail Games
Sonic belongs to Sega
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon belongs Spike Chunsoft
Command and Conquer belongs to Westwood and EA
C&C Contra (mentioned) belongs to No Life Studios

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