Inktober #7 - Enchanted by rowedahelicon

Inktober #7 - Enchanted


7 October 2019 at 19:12:50 MDT

Enchanted -


While making the hike up the Oakland trail was something Artemus was quite used to, this time was different. Artemus never had anyone to walk with him before, much less someone he was ... dare it be written... in love with? Nonetheless, his stoic behavior and difficulty opening up was no match for the overly excitable pupper clinging to his back (Those little feet tire easily you know!) and what loving partner couldn't resist a chance at see their partner's smultronställe?

With both of them fresh out of college and finally able to spend some time together, Artemus had chosen a hike up a steep hill into a large forest not too far from the campus city they were well accustomed to. Poe was never one for the outdoors, always choosing to remain inside to study or goof off with family, was completely enchanted by the calmness of the forest. The fireflies, the soft sounds of crickets, and oh of course the thick smell of pine, almost overwhelming for an otherwise easily impressible lad.

While return trips to their newfound favorite hiking spot would eventually draw their attention to an unusually active observatory that had been lying dormant in the woods, nothing could have pulled their attention away from the moment they were sharing together.

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