Rowdy - By Zzakerhyus by rowedahelicon

Rowdy - By Zzakerhyus


18 September 2017 at 15:40:43 MDT

So I want to talk about this image. I woke up today and checked facebook, and they told me this image was 7 years old today.

This was done by an artist named Zzakerhyus, someone whom I've never met, nor did I commission this from them. If I recall correctly, they wrote to me and said they really liked my character and did this up for me. I was very thankful and told them I appreciated it! However, at one point my Furaffinity was broken into and all of my everything's were deleted. Notes, images, etc.

I never found this image again, except for where I did have it saved of course. But I never found the artist again! I had tried searching on FA many times for it with no luck. But recently, I discovered artwork very similar to theirs on E621, a quick search found that wow, this is the same artist! seems the artist has gone inactive. They've been gone a long time it seems, last known communication was in 2014. I feel really bad over this whole thing, it was such a humble gift and I felt like I should have done more to like, promote them I guess. Granted I wasn't really well known in 2010 as I am now but still.

Bottom line is, I really hope they're okay. And I still cherish this picture as much now as I did then.

Me is me, artwork done by


I was informed by that they are still alive! Under a diff name! Titten was looking through my gallery and found this and holy shit aaaa

I am so happy ;w;

Okay so. This image is done by.... Scrapteeth / Buttsbuttabutts!

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