Video Midwest Furfest BUTTHURT Report Fox Guy n DUMB Furries by RottenEggCreations

Video Midwest Furfest BUTTHURT Report Fox Guy n DUMB Furries


15 January 2018 at 03:40:50 MST

VIDEO Midwest Furfest Report Fox Guy and Silly Furries

Fox Guy Interview
Watch Starrik"Service
animals are defined as dogs that are individually
trained to do work or perform tasks for people with challenges."
I understand scientifically speaking dogs and foxes are different however they
both fall under the Canidae family, Considering there is no straight answer given to
me by the ADA then I'll go by that. We can go back and forth all day but someone
is going to have to pony up some proof someone would have to take it to a court
and someone is going to look like a (not smart person). I talked to a person at the ada and they
would not answer my question directly or respond to my follow up email this is
all they would direct me to. If that is the best a normal human being can get after weeks of research then good luck to those wanting to push this further.
Mainly I wanted to address the disgusting assumptions made from people that should just know better. Maybe he's lying, maybe he skirted the system but don't react as if he is some anime dude.
ADA faq
Foxes as pets

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