Plushie Monster Dolls Batch 01 by Rotsuoy

Plushie Monster Dolls Batch 01


24 July 2017 at 10:20:40 MDT

For those of you who remember, Rowan, you might recognize the general design of these characters.

Plushie Monsters are enchanted plushies that are an amalgamation of many discarded stuffed toys. When stuffed toys are throw away, lost or abandoned, a mysterious old witch, known only as the Enchanter collects these lost plushies to turn into enchanted toys. Because of their miss-matched creation process, many of them look like assort animal parts all sewn together. Once they are animated, their only goal in life is to love and be loved. They do their best to spread happiness and joy where ever they go and, often times, find themselves in wild adventures.

Plushie Monsters are usually only about 12-20 inches tall, in doll form, long in beast form, but because they are magical creatures, many can change shape to be much larger in order to give the biggest and best hugs.

The stuffing of a Plushie Monster can be anything from raw cotton to sawdust, and some even have bean bag compartments that give them weight while being mostly filled with polyester stuffing. Some still can be stuffed with old rags, crushed leaves or large mix of many different things at once.

These adoptables have been cross posted on DeviantArt, Weasyl, Furaffinity and Furvilla. My apologies if the character you desire is sold before you can buy.

All characters are $30 USD each and come with a character sheet that contains your name of choice, some information and a repeating tile of any detailed fabrics. Payment is accepted through paypal only.

Once purchased, if you would like to upload your character, you may link me as the creator:

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    What about if you wanted your sona as one of these beautiful creatures?

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      I'm not currently open for commissions, but when I do open you can be sure that I would gladly turn your sona into a plushie monster!

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        Ahhhh! I'd love that! Thank you! I'll keep my eyes open then!