Rotarr's Foetis by Rotarr

Rotarr's Foetis


20 January 2014 at 10:30:34 MST

Crosspost from FA:

Out of the depths of my secret laboratory I proudly present you the latest result of my creepy experimentation:

The Foetis!

A Foeti is actually a Species of Animal that never grows out of embryonal state. Buuut if it comes in contact with different DNA it grows and mutates into a little replica of it. To make it simple: They are almost like the Pokemon Eevee...
(That's how i explain why this embryos have hair and horns and all that stuff. Deal with it.)
They are the PERFECT Pet! A pet that is just like YOU.
They are a fashion statement when carried around.
You can store them in a jar of liquid - but also take them out (with the fleshy sack of course) and squeeze them.
And of course they CAN'T reproduce. They can only be created in labs "Rotarr Labs TM"

So. Yeah, these are actually Badges. Creepy-Badges. But they are also Characters on their own XD
Foetis you see here belong to:
  scar3cr0w   nathradas   rotarr

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    Oh man I so wish I could get one of these lil babies ghEgga

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    Das ist so ieeeh und saucool gleichzeitig :3
    Ich liebe es echt ssehr, wenn Zeichner auch mal was anderes Zeichnen, nicht nur den einheitsbrei den jeder macht, sondern wirklich den Kram, den er im Kopf hat, ihn ausarbeitet und zeigt, er meint die tandom Idee ernst udn steht dazu, Einfach weil mans kann :3