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Get Me Out'a Here! (Merry Late Christmas) by Roshiyu

Get Me Out'a Here! (Merry Late Christmas)


30 March 2015 at 15:54:45 MDT

But... But... I only signed up to break into Santa's workshop, to find the naughty gal list.

Get me outta this death trap! D:

Art (c) FelisRandomis FelisRandomis

Anyway, starting at the sleigh and moving down the line:

Myra (c) Dynamicfurry
Zavin (c) Rennec
Keegan (c) KeeganFoxcraft
Geo (c) GeoPye
Jaker? (c) Jaker Jaker
October (c) NovaKast
Jinxy (c) Jinxy_Falina Jinxy_Falina
Roshiyu (c) Roshiyu Roshiyu
Clyde (c) MedicGrif
Rev (c) DarkRev DarkRev