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Commissions January 2015 [CLOSED] by Rooibos

Commissions January 2015 [CLOSED]


5 January 2015 at 13:18:12 MST

These slots are closed! Thank you.

First commission opening of the new year! Woo-hoo! Please note that everything earned from this goes to helping my wife and I move, so if you can’t afford to buy, please signal boost!! My wife (Nettle) is also open for commissions, so please check it out: HERE

Below I’ve sorted the commissions types into categories with the number of slots, what I need from the commissioner, etc. Please read these before contacting me about a commission! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please note: I prefer to handle commissions through email. That way, I can contact the commissioner with concerns, files, etc, even if Weasyl or FA is down.
My email is:

Sketch Page
1. Price: NYOP (min $10USD/max $100USD)
2. Needed: Character reference and a short description of your characters personality if not present on the character’s reff/profile (this is really important and helps me create more interesting, accurate poses and expressions!)
3. Slots: 5/10 available

Wiggly Icons
1. Price: $20USD each. I will draw connected icons, but there is no discount for these.
2. Needed: Character reference (just a bust will work).
3. Slots: 7/20 available

Digital Badges
1. Price: $15USD for Headshot, $30USD for Bust/Waist-up, and $45USD for Fullbody. Additional charges may be added if the character is particularly complicated or has large wings, etc.
2. Needed: Character reference (must be color-accurate), character description, and character’s name/what name you’d like on the badge.
3. Optional: Tell me what kind of theming you’d like for the badge! (for example: outer space, posed like a Maneki Neko, or dressed up in ___ cosplay)
4. Slots: FILLED

Tiled Background
1. Price: $30USD base price (covers one colored/shaded pose) +$20USD for each additional pose. Extra props are generally free, unless they’re particularly complex. Additional charges may be added if the character’s design/requirements are complicated as well.
2. Needed: Character reference, character description, and theming preferences.
3. Optional: I’ll make your pattern into a small draw-string bag for an additional $25USD (not including shipping).
4. Please note: these are quite flexible so please don’t hesitate to ask for something you don’t see in my examples!
5. Slots: 3/5 available

Character Design
1. Price: $60USD base price (covers reference sheet with full-body front view, full-body back view, headshot, and small details). +$30USD for each additional full-body and $15USD for each additional headshot.
2. Needed: Accurate description of what you want. Does not have to be detailed unless you want something very specific!
3. Please note: I am willing to design a wide variety of characters: anthropomorphic animals, quadrupedal animals, human or human-esque characters, and ALL shapes of monsters or one-of-a-kind creatures. Just ask and I’ll see what I can do!
4. I will not: include genitals in references. Obviously, breasts and nipples are fine.
5. Slots: 5/10 available

Additionally, please note the following Information before commissioning me:

• I can only take Paypal online. I require payment in full before I begin working.
• G-rated work only, unless otherwise stated. However, mild fetish work, mild gore, and drug paraphernalia is okay. Please feel free to ask me what I will/will not draw on a case-by-case basis!
• I am okay with my work being reposted, as long as I am given credit and no watermarks are removed.
• I definitely do draw humans/human-like beings! I love drawing them, so please don't be afraid to ask.

Lastly, I am in the middle of a move so there may be gaps in progress as I work through that. If you need a commission finished by a certain date, please let me know before I start and I’ll let you know if I can manage it!

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  • Link

    is there any possible way you can hold a spot for a sketch page for no more than a week? i need to make a new paypal but im interested in dropping $20 for one

    • Link

      I certainly can! Would you like to go ahead and email me the info for your character, etc, just so I have it?

      • Link

        aaack, scratch that- i won't be able to commission you, sorry about that

        • Link

          No worries!

  • Link

    With the tiled commission, is it one character, or could the additional poses be applied to additional characters?

    • Link

      It applies to multiple drawings of the same character. I can still do multiple characters, though I may add $5 or so for working with the additional shapes/colors.

  • Link

    The sketch pages are just like the one above right one color and maybe the markings are detailed?

    • Link

      Yes! The detail depends on the character and what the commissioner requests, however.

      • Link

        I'm totally sold I want to get two at $15 a pop if that's cool.

        • Link

          Sure thing! Just send me an email at RooibosArt@gmail with your references and preferences! Thank you so much!

  • Link

    Would you possibly do a static icon??

  • Link

    That customized bag with a pattern is the most tempting thing in the world, but I can't afford any commissions at the moment. Next time you open these I'll jump on them I swear. Just wanted to let you know I love all the stuff you have here! Hopefully I can convince a friend to commission you for your move.

    • Link

      Aw, that's incredibly sweet of you! It certainly won't be the last time I open for commissions like these. Your support means the world to me, thank you so much. <3