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Super Mario Maker levels by ronnieraccoon

Super Mario Maker levels


20 September 2015 at 10:06:49 MDT

Here they are, my 10 Super Mario Maker levels!

Platform Panic: BDBC-0000-001A-3A59
My first level, it’s pretty basic. Many moving platforms and Paratroopa mounted plants!

Dodge ‘n Bop: A3BC-0000-001C-6B2D
Another athletic level, treacherous jumps, and a lakitu cloud maze!

Bouncy Castle: D151-0000-002F-AF25
This castle has trampolines and not blocks everywhere!

Tricky Mansion: 610A-0000-0034-048E
Get through the ghost maze, find Luigi and have a showdown with Magikoopa!

Your Friend the POW Block: E533-0000-003E-52BA
An auto-scoller. Get the POW blocks and use them before your Bob-omb laden path blows itself it!

Looking for a Fun Level?: FC25-0000-004B-7E26
My obligatory clickbait level. No challenge.

Bounce Master: Cannons: 1BB2-0000-003E-6050
Incredibly tough level. Chain-bounce from cannonball to cannonball and then try to get through the gauntlet to the flagpole!

Bounce Master: Wigglers: E6A1-0000-0053-57FA
Also incredibly hard. Chain-bounce Wigglers while avoiding Munchers, Thwomps and Boos!

1-1 Ungrounded: 4040-0000-004C-5BCC
It’s weird how hard World 1-1 gets without the ground there.

World 1-1: Nightmare Edition: B80E-0000-0054-7009
Quite possibly my hardest level so far. The 1-1 you know so well is no longer safe! Can you beat it without using the short cut? (I can’t.)

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