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Rogue Wolfclaw 2015 SFW Reference by Rogue Wolfclaw

Rogue Wolfclaw 2015 SFW Reference

Rogue Wolfclaw

My brand, spankin' new ref sheet for the updated changes to my look. I can't even describe how happy I am with the result. As always, PPZ was an awesome artist to work with. She's pretty much the only artist who can get inside my head and draw Rogue for how he really looks. Haha.

Name: Rogue Wolfclaw
Species: Wolf/demon hybrid
Gender: Transgender male
Age: 26
Birthday: June 1st
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Weight: 220 pounds
Height (paws to shoulders): 4 ft and 4 in
Length (nose to tail tip): 7 ft

Weight: 190 pounds
Height (paws to shoulders): 6 ft and 2 in

Artwork © piranhapettingzoo
Rogue Wolfclaw © roguewolfclaw