Speaks In Hands by RoflCopt_R

Speaks In Hands


1 December 2015 at 10:30:35 MST

Papyrus? Sans? Please... Don't leave me! Help me!

Ey, guys. A little filler for you lot whilst I do my exams. TwT
Here's my take on W.D. Gaster - the mysterious space and time torn character from Undertale.

Loads of theories arise from this one character.
Cause his presence isn't that much hinted in the vanilla game.
Who is he? What is he? Where's he from?
Lots of them relate to the two skeleton Sans and Papyrus, being his name came from a font - WingDings.
Which is also the way he speaks in game.

All we can do now is wait for the GameTheorists to come up with something ;3

Anyhow, tomorrow's Math.. so I need to learn dat shit.
Bye, you lot :D