Pray wip by Rococospade

Pray wip


8 March 2020 at 12:33:53 MDT

This is a wip for what's meant to be a speed painting, we shall see if it happens that way tomorrow.
I was really struck by the image of the Vicar praying and sobbing in Bloodborne. And I really loved the design [of the subsequent boss]. I also really really loved Alolan Ninetails. So my love of these two things and my fascination with the other combined in Velka's design and image. Their clothes are loosely inspired by Russian Orthodox Vestements, modified to allow for Velka's floof to show through.
And Velka's name is from Dark Souls, yep. Velka's rapier is my favorite sword! Also, Velka means debt, which... inspired what this Velka's domain is as a god. He's the god of paying your dues, so even though he is not a very strong god, some very powerful ones will do their absolute best to avoid catching his eye... His mother is Morevna, the lady of Winter.

I kept hearing 'I pray' by Eye Empire as I sketched this, because I have really strong word association (sigh)

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