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Bob (Animal Crossing) by RobloxFan75000

Bob (Animal Crossing)


5 December 2021 at 12:58:22 MST

"Hey Tom, nice hat, I couldn't tell of how likeable you dressed up." Bob says, pointing a side to Tom walking over.

About 2 months ago 4 arts for Fur Affinity was announced on YouTube... as I was working on progress to my other videos I need to work on, but it hasn't produced until my first one before the second one. While I was still finishing the other one so I can have enough time to commission, inventing arts for the improvements. The wait is finally over, Let's continue the arts for next time.

I do remember how Bob looks like when I was drawing this for the advance or development, Just needs some advice to get any details of how I drew the character from the video game called "Animal Crossing", but I haven't play this game before then, which it was really hard to think. If I was a player, how should I socialize these characters? Well let's find out if I could try to play this game. Anyway, I have new ideas to make this feline as an anthro human furry, to give any details like pants and shoes, including his weight/lbs (just Don't even make the size too much unless I wanted to).

Bob © Nintendo, Amimal Crossing

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