Art Collection DVD + Other Store Things! by Roanoak

Art Collection DVD + Other Store Things!


18 May 2016 at 14:13:29 MDT

Since FA is down and twitter is a cornucopia of scrolling I thought I would post this advertisement up here for those who followed me onto this site! I am back from BLFC and thus, have many new con goodies now available in my store:

One of the biggest additions is a nifty little Art DVD collection featuring art from my Aycee/Roanoak accounts from 2009-2015


  • Lots of PSDs with labeled layers (including stuff from the last 2 years of patreon)
  • Over 600 Flattened files to browse through years of work
  • Sketches, Full Color, WIP, Etc
  • Contains 2 digital PDFs of the comics: Excalibur and Table for Three
  • Way more cool goodies, you should really check it out!

I also have Stickers, Dakimakuras, Prints, Buttons and more for sale so if you're interested please have a look!

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    Hooray! Bought one <3

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      Awesome! Thanks so much for supporting my art :D hope you enjoy!

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    awesome :D definitely buying one of these this week at some point ^^ plus some more stickers and other stuff as the ones i got from you already are fantastic quality :D (already got all of the dakis.. XD)

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      Good to hear! There may or may not be more dakis on the way :3c only time will tell!