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Wolf Fursuit Head by Ritz_Bitz

Wolf Fursuit Head


This was made as a mostly experimental head, and it turned out extremely well so I am offering it up for sale. IT HAS BEEN SOLD


-Resin blank sculpt by Beetlecat. Mold was purchased by me and now I cast them.

-Plastic half-sphere based eyes (NOT resin!) colored using copic markers on bristol paper, adhered to the back. They have a nice following effect.

-Super soft and high quality fur from DistinctiveFabrics (Grey wolf, Snow white, Camel)

-Resin cast bottom jaw from   dreamvisioncreations (no top jaw as it restricted air flow)

-Slight airbrushing to blend the colors together

-ALL face seams are 100% sewn for durability and soft feel.

-Hidden large-tooth white zipper in the back of the head for a more snug fit.

-Good moving jaw (works best with 23-24 inch heads)

-Decent vision through the tear ducts. All fursuit heads have limited vision but this one isn't too bad.

-Great ventilation through tearducts and mouth.

-Apoxie sculpt eyelids and lips.

I had this head at my RMFC table to sell, but it didn't sell there so I am now offering it online! I am accepting REASONABLE and fair offers until sometime next weekend. If I don't get the offer I'm looking for, I will put up an auction for it.

The head was made to fit anyone with a 22-24 inch head, thew moving jaw works best for 23-24 inch heads. I have a 22.5 inch head and I can open the jaw just slightly. Smaller heads would need to pad the chin area for a better effect.

It comes with an inner balaclava attached to the inside of the head for comfort. If requested, I can make a matching tail for additional cost (not currently offering anymore parts for this until I reopen).

If you have any questions, please comment! If you would like to make me an offer, please send me a note. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE! DO NOT OFFER IF YOU DO NOT INTENT TO POSSIBLY PAY THAT AMOUNT.

EDIT: I was wanting at least $800 for this head. I might possibly accept payment plans IF a deposit is made and it doesn't take any longer than 2 months to pay it off. I will favor offers from people who can pay in full, however. Because I need to put a down payment on a car this week :3

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