.:CE:. Burnt Toast by Rising-At-Midnight

.:CE:. Burnt Toast


21 January 2014 at 21:32:44 MST

"I thought we were making cupcakes?"

Look Burnt! It's you!! //burnt toast//
Hur hur hur xD

Well, ^^" I hope you like it! I love to bake, and well, xD I think this sums up how great of a baker I am. Hell, I can't even make toast right! But that doesn't stop me!

^^ I enjoy entering contests so yeah!

For those of you on Deviantart, If you guys haven't entered, you should! There are ALOT of prizes. 1st place gets 1,000:points!! And if atleast 5 entries are submitted, I'll draw everyone a free headshot, maybe even pitch in for prizes and add a dress-up and/or journal skin ^^

For burnt-sonic's use ONLY! Please do not copy, trace, reference and/or use this art-work in any way.

Contest - http://burnt-sonic.deviantart.com/journal/contest-423210303