[2015] Bubba - Webbed Worship by RipRoarRex

[2015] Bubba - Webbed Worship


27 May 2016 at 06:32:33 MDT

Dated 19/01/2015

Bubba's chubbyness can present a few problems. For example, he finds it difficult to reach far enough over his belly to wash his feet properly, and the sweat and dirt tends to gather in all the wrinkles of his fat, chunky webbed soles. Thankfully though, he can usually get other people to take care of such cleaning duties...

ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS: Clean Version | No Dirt Version

I came up with Bubba way back in 2011, but this picture from 2015 was the first proper 'fetish' picture I had submitted of him almost four years later. There are two alternative versions in the links above for anyone put off by the dirt or sweat shown here.