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Rippah Roo'Jizah

21 February 2019 at 03:10:36 MST

Decided to do a profile on Katie, in case I use her again in the near future.

Lady Katrina Chloe Miranda Esperanda of the House Felix

Hailing from a wealthy family, Katie was not known for
her looks, as she found it difficult to find those
interested in her. Her tendency to lose her temper
did not help either. She eventually took up the mindset
that none can love her more than herself, and became
a bit obsessed with her figure. At the same time,
however, she found the lavish life rather boring, and so
became a treasure hunter.

Her half dragon nature gave her an absurdely tough,
although not invincible, hide. She has survived spikes,
boulders, lava, bees, and various other traps with
minimal injury. Some would call her careless. They
are not completely wrong.

Her obsession with her figure also developed into a
voracious streak where she would eat other bandits or
thieves should the mood strike her right, indulging
herself meaning she has more of herself to love.

Despite her occasional anger issues she also tries to
keep an optimist view on life, and often reads
self-help books.

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