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Ricky Returns: Furry Fandom XXIV by rickigator

Ricky Returns: Furry Fandom XXIV


It only took nearly 4 years but I finally began drawing again. The gator's back and hopefully for good this time, now featuring a darker and edgier color palette (that's slightly closer to what gators are actually like irl) and more interesting fashion sense. The loincloth totally wasn't an afterthought, honest. Or the plaid pattern on his overshirt. Really, this new Ricky is just darker and edgier all around.

For how long I will be drawing again remains to be seen. It's kind of hard to get motivated when the world is so much of a miserable hellhole and I keep feeling like nothing I do is ever good enough. Oh well, might as well do everything I was going to do before it all came crashing down, I've nothing left to lose. That, and I need something else to do.

Also goes without saying there are things I am not satisfied with here, especially the tail...

Updated 01/20/24 to remove that afterthought of a loincloth. It was bothering me that much to the point where I decided to redraw that area. Also make a few palette changes.

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