TT&L Docking Procedure by RickGriffin

TT&L Docking Procedure


3 March 2019 at 11:17:36 MST

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Gert watched the screen draw closer to the faint outline of a circle on the black hull until Inzari shut off the light well before making touchdown.

“Inzari!” Gert squeaked.

“Keep your suit on, I saw where it is,” Inzari said, pushing on the dual joysticks that were the shuttle’s manual steering. “I just feel more comfortable if they can’t see the light is all.”

“Moani said—”

“She’s right,” Inzari said, “but just in case, you know? Cloaking technology is limited as-is. I mean, you don’t need it for long distances in space, 'cause space distances are fucking enormous. They can’t see you unless they already know where you are, and if they know where you are, they can fire on you anyway. So actual disappear-from-view cloaking is for super close-range infiltration, like we’re doing now. And shining a goddamn light through the cloaking field on the ship you’re trying to approach would defeat the whole purpose of that!”

The entire shuttle stopped with a heavy
thump, rocking Gert all about in his chair. His chest clenched tight.

“Perfect!” Inzari said. “Locking in the hatch now.”

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    what the hell is that thing behind the left chair??

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      Inzari's tail inside the suit?

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        oh ok then i couldnt see it at first.. actually now that i look closer it looks like a big thumb ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but thanks for clarifying

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    great story the comment on the distances in space reminded me of a conversation in mass effect how the Normandy's stealth system worked love it when details ya dont normally think about slap ya right in the face because most space movies and shows useually have the ships pretty close together.

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    This is me to myself when I fail a docking procedure in Elite: Dangerous