Mae Vored A Cop And She Liked It [Comm] by Retr0spectre

Mae Vored A Cop And She Liked It [Comm]


31 March 2018 at 15:00:20 MDT

Oh, you thought Mae liked it? No no, Judy liked it, Mae's panicking about whether she'll be the jail bitch or not and if she can smuggle her laptop there in her now-sagging gut.

Not that Judy will ever admit it. She does not want to open that particular floodgate with Nick. And cheese and crackers, if it ever hit the grapevine at work...!

Sooo, guess who just bought their first ever commission~? This birb! =D And eeeeee, I love it, love it, love it! <3 The artist was pleasant to talk to, attentive every step of the way, and did magnificent work extremely fast. Not to mention her prices! This thing, right here? Only cost me TWELVE DOLLARS. $12.00 American! I of course tipped her with an extra twelve bucks, she was so great about this! Please, go give her some love!

Idea is mine!
The artist is Luna-Midnight-Kurai and the original is here.
Mae and Judy belong to the hearts and waistlines of all furries~