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Fatly Ever After by Retr0spectre

Fatly Ever After


Prince meets Princess, Prince and Princess fall in love, Princess gobbles up her beau and carries him in her tummy for the rest of forever, and she takes her throne full and satisfied. A true fairy tale romance, don't you think~? I'm swooning just picturing it! X///3

Inspired by a cheesy, romantic, vorish conversation and roleplay I had with my BBF (butt buddy forever~) the other week. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy in my feels places. >///< Knew I just had to draw something about it! So here we have Princess Benarena sitting pretty on her royal rump explaining that she's met her birdy prince already, tucked nice and safe in her belly to this day... Duke Luke's visits as the prince's boyfriend get very interesting, and scandalous~! ;///3

Very proud of this, put a lot of time and work into it, and tried something novel: lines that aren't thick as... as... um. Something that's thick and totally not phallic in any way. Anyway! Noticed my art don't look great compared to the artists I love, and that they all use much thinner lines than I have been up to this point. Figuring out the blindingly obvious: it's part of the learning process! =D

Marked General because you can see more explicit in Tom & Jerry for god's sake - but I'll change it if someone feels that strongly that I should.

Remember: comments are love, comments are life~!