Digital Data Overload by ReidoRaichu

Digital Data Overload


26 April 2015 at 16:54:38 MDT

Looks like there was a massive influx of data in the digital world one day and it was Ziyad's job to judge the data. and apparently nearly all of it was dark data so naturally he decided to eat it all up.

unfortunately he misjudged just how much dark data there was and began to expand faster and faster. growing bigger and more and more bloated and fatter as his body can barely keep up with the massive influx of data he is eating after a while his belly grew so big that is wrappings tore off his belly as he grunted and moaned at the swelling he was undergoing.

I wonder what happened in the digi world to cause such a massive influx of bad data? A big baddie being beaten? a corrupted sector breaking down? who knows. XD

I hope you enjoy this pic everyone~

Ziyad the Anubismon (c) ReidoRaichu