Silver's Bad Ending by reedman

Silver wiped the sweat from his brow, his long walk almost to an end. The dragon was on a trek to find a dragon's lair, which was rumored to have great treasure if you could get past a big feral dragon. While many fell before this dragon, Silver was confident in himself. He knew he could charm anyone into doing what he desired, so he figured a feral dragon would be no different. After climbing over a few boulders, a cave entrance came into view.

“The lair, I made it!” Silver thought to himself.

The lair was big, very big. What few things were in the sparse cave, made Silver feel small in comparison. The cave was mostly dotted with big rocks and skeletons, which Silver avoided. A large collection of crates signaled to Silver his prize was in sight. He darted over to the crates that matched him in height. A quick peek inside revealed all the gold he would ever need.

“Trying to get all of these crates will get me killed,” Silver thought “so one should set me for a good part of my lifetime.”

With a quick stretch of his arms and a rubs of his hands, Silver started to push the giant crate. While it was large and heavy, the ground was flat and gave easy. He felt the crate move without major effort. He felt that fate was on his side. Fate however, wasn't kind that night.

“Well well, what do we have here?”

Silver slowly turned to see a horrifying sight: a feral red dragon standing right behind him. The dragon seemed more amused then upset with the current situation presented. He pinned Silver to the ground with one claw. He brought his face very close to the smaller dragon.

“You're not very bright for trying to steal my gold. At this point I'd kill you, but I think I have a much better plan for you.”

Silver was albeit a bit scared of the dragon he was pinned by. The evil smile curling, told him this dragon had no good intentions. He was confused when he was placed on the end of the dragon's tail. He clutched to it however, as it rose high above the ground, almost arms reach from the top of the cave. He was once again brought to the face of the dragon, the evil smile spreading wider.

“W-W-What are you going to do to me?” Silver made no attempts to hide his fear.

“Well,” the dragon said “keep holding on and I promise you won't be harmed. Dragon's honor.”

Silver was a mix of grateful and terrified as the dragon turned away and walked a few steps into the cave before flopping onto his side. Keeping to the word that was never given, he never let go of the dragon's tail.

What happened next, would scar Silver for the rest of his life.

The tail swung around, meeting an open maw, filled with drool and sharp teeth. Silver's screams were muffled by a closed mouth, and a mouth full of dragon's drool. At the risk of choking, he swallowed his pride, and the drool that invaded his own mouth. Clutching to the tail that kept him from seeing any deeper into the large dragon, Silver tried to scream. He was quickly silenced when more of the dragon's drool moved in. It tasted like that of rotten meat. His fear turned into anger when he heard a deep moaning come from within the dragon that trapped him. He was furious when he was pulled out.

“Hey, you almost swallowed me and enjoyed it!”

“Indeed I did. I had to prepare your body for the good part.”

“Good part?”

With surprising speed, the dragon whipped his tail to his backside, an expanding pucker suddenly showing itself. Looking over his lubricated body, then back to the pucker, Silver quickly figured out what the feral dragon was planning.

“Why there? Why can't you kill me instead?”

The dragon chuckled at the complaints of the smaller dragon still clutching to the soon-to-be-gone tail.

“Put simply, I'm a lonely dragon without a mate to pleasure me. A lubed up tail is my only pleasure now.”

Silver felt the world move as the tail was placed on the ground, pointing up. Silver looked up and screamed, as the pucker once again appeared, but coming closer to him. The world grew dark, moist, and tight. Silver was now inside the anus that was the feral dragon.

To make matters worse, the dragon was pulling his tail in and out in a rapid fashion. Silver's drool-covered body was having trouble holding on for dear life. He feared he would lose his grip and be lost in the very last place.

“Let me out! I don't wanna be inside here!”

Laughter from the dragon showed how little he cared about Silver.

“I can't hear ya lil' guy, you got a mouth full of ass!”

Before he could react, the tail Silver held onto so dearly disappeared from view. He made a few desperate grabs at his chance to escape, but they were in vain. The tail disappeared from view and the dark walls closed around him. His body was quickly wrapped up by the tight pink walls. The insides didin't hurt him, but stopped him from moving. The smell that invaded his nostrils was the stuff of nightmares. A sour, dank smell mixing with something rotten. It was the worst prison Silver was ever trapped in, and the feral dragon was the warden.

“I hope you enjoy the feeling as much as I do tiny, cuz' I ain't lettin' you out for awhile.”

The dragon's words were too muffled for Silver to understand, but he knew there were no intentions to release him anytime soon.

Silver's Bad Ending


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